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17th October 2015 L3 Natalie Barry Open Meet. Details now available on our Open Meets page. More >>

Bletchley & District Swim Club joined forces with Leon Leisure Centre Learn to Swim on Saturday, 23rd March for an Aquatic Splash Event.

This event provided children of all ages and ability the opportunity to participate in aquatic events that were fun, inclusive and rewarding.

Keeley Crombleholme, from Wavendon Gate, attended with her twin boys, Daniel and William (9) who were keen to experience water polo.  Mandy Dennis, from Bletchley, said her children;  Alisha (12) Kaitlyn (10) and Ashton (6) were all very excited about this event.  Having the opportunity to dive in the deep end of the pool was something Ashton was really looking forward to, but also admitted he was a little nervous.  Amy Bass (15) helped support Bletchley & District said she thought the day was a huge success.  “Having an opportunity to experience so many different types of aquatic opportunities in one afternoon is fantastic; from team swimming events, to water polo, synchronised swimming to water aerobics; in an enjoyable team atmosphere is very unusual.  As well as having fun, the swimmers were also able to take the opportunity to learn to dive by qualified instructors.  Due to safety precautions there are not many opportunities for children to learn to dive in pools and this was an additional treat for the swimmers”.   Nicole Long (11) also from Bletchley & District Swim Club joined the children in the water to participate in the events.  Nicole said “it was really great event.  It was fun and totally different to competitive swimming and training.  The younger swimmers had a fabulous time and were really enjoying the different things”.  Nicole said that she would love to do something like this again because everyone was having such a good time”.

Anne Minihan, Deputy Chairperson from Bletchley & District Swim Club, said the day was all about the children having fun.  Having an event like this brings in children from all over Milton Keynes creating an enjoyable team atmosphere and community awareness of key aquatic skills and fitness.   Due to the huge success of the event this is something that we may host again in conjunction with Leon Leisure Centre”.  Anne said “this is what Bletchley & District Swim Club do best, they are always working within the community to ensure that children experience the great opportunities available to them in the water.  Ann would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and helpers who gave their time to enable the children to have this unique experience to try out different Aquatic Events.

Website_Press Release_Aquatic Day-20130323

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Bletchley & District Open Meeting – 13th January, 2013

Bletchley and District Swim Club hosted their own Licensed Meet at The Leisure Centre in Bletchley on the 13th January, 2013.  Over 30 swimmers from Bletchley participated in this event including our youngest 8/9 year old competitive swimmers, Lauren Bazley, Dejannae Shelukindo, Jessica Ross, Torsten Hansen, Eloise Bywater, Amy Efthimiou, Ellie McManus, Sophie McManus, Ryan Minihan and Emily Taylor.

6 other clubs attended this event including Wantage White Horses, Witney, Thame, Maxwell, City of Milton Keynes and Aylesbury

This is the 3rd time that the club has hosted this Level 4 Open Meet and Bletchley event organisers have confirmed that due to the success of the meet they will be looking to host this meet again next year.

Bletchley’s Club Championship held in November prepared the swimmers for this competitive event and as a result 78 personal bests were achieved from Bletchley swimmers including 30 swimmers finishing in the top 3.

Other competitive swimmers that took part from Bletchley & District Swim Club were Rebecca Allen (19), Katie Byrne (15), Ryan Badger (15),  Anelid Du Preez (13); Drihan Du Preez (15), Scott Foreman (13), Emily Glanvill (12), Nicoletta Gray (12) Robert Hanlon (14), Anna James (14) Jack James (10), Isobel Holland (15) Iga Jazdzejewska (13), Oskar Jazdzejewski (15), Nicole Long (11), Anujin Jones (13), Bethany Marriott (11), Lily Matthews (12), Maddison Rankine (11), Emily Ross (12), Elizabeth Shirley (14), Daniel Summers (13) Rebecca Taylor (13)  and Carrie Walton (16).

Head Coach Phil Powell Leigh Wright said “the swimmers really do need to be congratulated for their effort and results”.  Phil said “This Open Meet is a fabulous opportunity for swimmers to participate in a smaller competitive environment that is run by parents and friends of the club”.  Leigh finished off by saying “Our swimmers have really been applying themselves during their training sessions concentrating on technique, which is obviously a key factor to their success”.

The Chairman and Coaches would like to thank all volunteers for assisting with successful running this event.  Without people volunteering within the Club we would not be able to offer these opportunities to our swimmers.

Website_Bletchley District_Open Meet 13 January 2013

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Bletchley & District Club Championships 2012

Website_Bletchley & District_Club Championships 2012

Club Championships whilst hosted at the end of the calendar year are actually the setting the scene for the beginning of the competitive swimming season for swimmers at Bletchley and District Swim Club.  For many of our swimmers that participate in this competition, the club championships prepares them for the start of the competitive season.  For the younger and less experienced competitive swimmers it’s a great opportunity for practicing skills, strokes, techniques, dives, starts, finishes and many other racing skills that they would not have had the opportunity to do if Bletchley did not host their very own Club Championship event.

In additional it also forms an important social calendar for the club where not only the swimmers but also their families and friends are able to join and celebrate the art of swimming as a competitive sport.

Whilst many clubs no longer host Club Championships,  as it takes a lot of work to administer, the swimmers are often swimming against their friends who they train with each session.  In order to combat this Bletchley & District Swim Club once again teamed up with Buckingham Swans Swim Club for this years Club Championships.   The event was hosted over two evenings with the first being held on the 10th November, 2012 at Bletchley Leisure Centre and the second evening held on the 17th November 2012 at Aquavale Leisure Centre in Aylesbury.

Ellie McManus, aged 9 competed for the first time in club championships.  Ellie said “I really enjoyed club championships, it was great especially, when I won my butterfly race”.   Her cousin Sophie McManus, aged 9, also participated and was full of chatter and smiles when speaking about her races.

Head Coaches, Phil Powell and Leigh wright were very pleased with the event.

Phil said “all swimmers gave their very best, an excellent effort from the new swimmers to our long standing swimmers.  It was great to be able to end off the year with Club Championships and for the swimmers to see that their hard work out in throughout the year has resulted in some outstanding results”.

Leigh also added “this event is very unique in that not many swimming clubs are able to facilitate their own club championships but at BLETCHLEY the coaches and committee feel that this not only creates club spirit and teamwork but also gives swimmers the opportunity to compete in a familiar environment surrounded by family and friends.

Phil and Leigh would like to thank the coaches, parents and friends of BLETCHLEY swimming club for their help and dedication to the swimmers and club.

Results are not yet able to be published as the Presentation and Disco Evening is to be held on Friday 1st February at 7:30pm at Emerson Valley Sports Pavilion where all our swimmers will be recognised for their outstanding efforts.

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Phoebe Allen sets PB’s


Phoebe Allen from Bletchley & District Swim Club broke all her own records in her first disability competition at the “6th ASA East Region Disability Swimming Championships” at Newmarket on Sunday, 14th October, 2012.

Alison Powell, Coach at Bletchley & District Swim Club said the dedication and enthusiasm shown by Phoebe during her training programme has certainly paid off as Phoebe had 4 amazing swims; 50m breaststroke, coming 1st, taking 11 seconds off her time; 2nd in 50m butterfly, and then 4th in 50m backstroke where she took 9 secs off her personal best and finally frontcrawl saw another personal best by 4 sec.

Only swimmers with a disability; physical, sensory or intellectual are able to participate in these Championships and in every single event improved times were achieved by Phoebe who came 2nd overall in her age group.

If you would like further information about disability swimming please email –

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Bletchley swimmers achieve over 60 personal bests swims at two meets.

10 of our younger swimmers from Bletchley took part in the Maxwell Open meet and between them achieved a massive 48 Personal best swims, the swimmers were, Luke Ainscow, Becky Allen, Yasmin Dos Santos, Scott Foreman, Robert Hanlon, Anna James, Jack James, Claire Messenger, Elizabeth Shirley and Dan Summers. Robert contributed 11 of these with Elizabeth close behind him with 9 personal bests. The events they competed in ranged from 50m to 200m and they all swam really well across the 2 days. Club records were gained by Yasmin in the 50 Fly and Dan in the 100 Fly. Well done to everyone for such brilliant swims.

3 of our more mature swimmers went to Leeds over the same weekend to compete in the British Gas Masters and Senior Age Group Championships (50m).
the competition started Friday afternoon when Leigh Wright took part in the 1500m freestyle and 200m breaststroke set 10 second pbs in both.
the next event was the 50fly when Bahram Bensi 31.01 and Jonathon Quainton 27.94 both broke their pbs. On Saturday Jonathon Quainton took part in the 400m freestyle (4.31.22) and 50m freestyle (24.89) and was narrowly touched into the silver medal on both by under a second. In total the swimmers broke 12 club records, 3 county age group records and achieved 16 PB’s between them.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Bletchley Swim club please see our website

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Abingdon winter Open Meet

10 parents braved the winter conditions to allow Swimmers to attend the aptly named Open Meet. I am sure they will all agree that it was worth the effort taken to get there, I do think that Oxfordshire must have Milton Keynes’s supply of salt and grit as there roads were very clear.
All the swimmers achieved personal best swims in at least one of their races and in some of their cases in all the races they competed in.
Congratulations to Maea Hemming, Anna James, Elizabeth Shirley, Yasmin Dos Santos, Robyn, Katie Messenger, Scott Foreman, Nathan Hemming, Daniel Summers and Carl Sartorelli. Robyn gained two speeding tickets, 3rd place and 5th place medal, Dan got a 2nd place medal, Carl a 3rd place medal with two fourth places, Scott gained a 6th place medal and Katie gained two fifth place and a sixth place. All the swimmers really worked hard and tried their best. Anna, Maea and Nathan had never competed in an open meet before this event, they all swam really well with some great times being recorded.
All the swimmers showed great team spirit and supported each other, everyone enjoyed the day and are all looking forward to the next meet when they can compete again.
Well done to all the swimmers and a thank you to all the parents/grandparents who supported us so well on the day.
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Bletchley Swimmers do well at Abingdon

Swimmers attended an open meet at Abingdon on Saturday the 3rd October 2009 and recorded some amazing swims. For the boys Carl Sartorelli swam in 3 events and recorded personal bests in them all, coming in 5th and two 7th places, Andy Wadsworth swam 4 events gaining places in the top 6 for all the races, well done for the boys.
The girls continued with the great results, Yasmin Dos Santos recorded a personal best in one event and a good
time in the other one, Yasmin was then joined by Megan Wadsworth, Elizabeth Shirley and Robyn Messenger to gain a commendable 4th place in the girls relay. Robyn Messenger swam 4 individual events, gaining personal bests in all her 4 events, picking up a speeding ticket, silver and bronze medals, sister Katie also gained personal
bests in all her events with a 4th and two 6th places. Elizabeth Shirley also gained 3 personal bests in all her 3 individual events with Megan Wadsworth also recording a personal best for her event and two other great

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