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17th October 2015 L3 Natalie Barry Open Meet. Details now available on our Open Meets page. More >>

Squad Structure


The first step from Learn to Swim into the competitive arena within the Club. Stormers are the swimmers new to squads, so have just moved up from widths, they swim one session a week on a Monday. This one hour session enables them to develop to a full hour of length swimming. They will have the chance to learn correct start and turns for all strokes whilst developing the strokes to a more advanced level.


Seen as a progression from Stormers, more water time gives the opportunity to work on more advanced techniques within the stroke and turns. The increase distance covered each week will assist with stamina and aerobic ability. Tornadoes train twice a week and those showing potential for County times are also invited to attend a Saturday session once a month. This is to prepare them for readiness for the next squad.


Train 3 sessions a week. Greater water time meaning more distance but also further advancing the skills required to compete at a higher level involving aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Movement to this squad is on achieving 3 County Qualifying times. The aim for this squad is to compete fully in the County Championships in a variety of strokes and distances, but with some element of specialisation within the older age range.


This is the top squad, and train 4 days a week

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